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Mini-hoop House

This is a picture of the mini-hoop house I built myself. I am not very handy with tools, but set my mind to it. The box is 12 ft. x 4 ft. x 12 innbspMy...

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Re: Mini-hoop House

To answer your question about the soil, I get it from Pennsy Supply in Harrisburg, PA. I get screened top soil and mix it with leaf mulch (my own blend). I mix about 2/3 soil with 1/3 leaf mulch in a wheel barrel and dump it in the raised bed, and go mix another batch. Then, I add in the contents from my upright compost bin full of rotten veggie scraps and stirr that around. I have a small 1/2 ton Ford pick-up truck, so I get the top soil myself, but most places will deliver, but you usually have to get a ton or more. I have yet to find good garden soil that is ready to use without ammending it with organic matter.

To answer your question about the pipe supports, They are metal conduit. I got them at Home Depot in the electrical section for $2.85 each - they are 1/2 diameter and 10 ft long. To bend them I used 2 methods, a hand held pipe bender tool and my foot. You meed to measure and mark each of the supports before bending them. One mark in the middle, 1 mark 1 1/2ft away from the center on either side and the next one is 2 feet from the previous and the last bend is minor to get it to lay flat along with height of the box - 12 inches. As you can see, mine are not exactly the same, but they are close enough.
The supports are attached to the boards with 1/2 inch metal brackets and screws you can get at Home Depot or any hardware store. Make sure you use exterior deck screws, or they will rust. The screw used for the bracklets will likely poke through the other side, but just use a metal file to sand it down, so you don't cut your self while working in the bed.