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Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

How you heat your GH depends on several factors:

* The type of greenhouse, whether it's isolated well, whether it's just a Polyethylen foil GH that cannot keep any heat.

* your outside temperatures and your requirements for temperature in the greenhouse. (Obviously a difference whether you live, say, in Sweden or in Spain)

* your electricity/utility budget

** I mean if you want to blow a lot of money you can well put a 2000W green house space heater in your Poly foil, non-isulated GH...but then you will run up a huge bill obviously.

On the other hand, when your GH is well insulated, a typical GH space heater (electric, gas, etc.) might well do.

Another option, this is what I did in my 6x6 poly foil greenhouse:

I got me a "soil heating cable" respective a plant heat mat. I made a "sand box" which I put on an insulating sheet (styrofoam) covering my growing area. The heating cable/heat mat is now under about 1.5" (5cm) of sand. So basically it's like a floor heater for your green house. The sand serves as heat storage, better than putting plants directly on the cable...plus it can suck up some overflow water from watering. My growing area is 120x60, the exact size of the heat mat which is 140W.
You can build a sand box if you make a wood frame and line with poly foil....or get a plant tray that is lined with mylar. I found one exact the size of my growing area. Everything works perfectly and it was very easy to do. The most difficult part was carrying the about 40kg-50kg sand (humid quarz sand) from a local construction company :) Oh and you also want a thermostat of course. This will likely have a sensor which you can stick in soil, the thermostat will control the cable/mat.