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Re: Pole Beans Versus Bush Beans

Here in Southern California I've had great success growing Maxibel haricot vert bush beans year after year. We have sandy soil, so I usually water every other day. I use either Square Foot Gardening spacing (9 per square foot) or Grow BioIntensive spacing on 6 inch centers, hexagonally planted. They cluster together and support one another, and you get a lot more harvest from a small space.

Last year I grew Dragon Tongue beans with moderate success as well. I'm giving it another go this year. Such a beautiful bean! Here's a picture of both beans:

I love bush beans because they free up my trellises for other crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, and melons (grown vertically). Keep trying, and happy gardening!

Re: New Year's Resolutions from

1) I will grow something I've never grown before: this year it's popcorn, brown mustard seeds and, would you believe, cherry tomatoes (over 40 different heirlooms under my belt and not one cherry tomato).

2) I will strive to get better at succession planting so I don't have all of my broccoli heading up at once.

3) I will read Gaia's Garden, Second Nature and The Solar Food Dryer books.

4) I will have a blast doing it all!

Happy New Year!