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Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

Last April a bought and put up a Snap-N-Grow 6 x 8 aluminum frame, thin lexan panel greenhouse here in S.W. Michigan Z6a. I actually put it up too late for the Spring season. Part of it is hydroponic basil, strawberries, lettuce, determinate tomato. The other part was peppers, tomato, basil, oregano but I took all that out in October. We've had some cold nights - down to 25F. So far I've been heating it primarily with a Dietz Jupiter Lantern. It seems to keep the greenhouse about 8 to 10 degrees above the outdoor - depending mainly on wind. These lanterns were originally developed for greenhouses and have a very large fuel tank. It will burn steady for up to 72 hours on one filling although I have to trim the wick about every 24 hours of burning. The best place - price and delivery - to get one is from Amish Creek
On really cold nights I have used either a small 600 watt electric heater or an old Aladdin Blue Flame kerosene heater.
This week I'm in process of closing the greenhouse down for Winter. It's just not well enough insulated to heat during the really cold months and the daylight hours are too short for most plants to do well.
I've thought of adding bubble wrap to the inside or making a smaller greenhouse inside the greenhouse - almost a cold frame - but haven't done that.