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Re: Christmas Peppers

Great story! I have been selecting pepper seeds (Charles Darwin and all that stuff) and bringing on my peppers to survive the worst of Texas weather (here in Houston). Most of my plants gave a crop and died off in August, but my plants I was favoring sprung back to life, gave a crop on Christmas Day, and even now I'm seeing new flowers. Naturally I've been keeping the seeds from these 3 very succesful plants and will sow the 2011 crop from them. I'm interested in learning what peppers you were growing. For me this has not been a typical experience in Texas, and I've been wondering if maybe I'm getting it right by applying evolutionary selection. This will be the third/fourth generation of these particular seeds now, from the original plants I started out with. The question is whether my plants will now survive the frost which has settled in. I'm watering them with tepid warm water, and thinking of ways to heat the soil. Ten months on and these particular plants are looking healthy, the stems are thick, green, the leaves are very healthy and the plants are still producing flowers. I see you posted your story last year, but I hope you see this. :)