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Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

In answer to Veeta's request for a tapered tomato - It could possibly be Organic Gilbertie Paste Tomato - HEIRLOOM Long red, slender shape with characteristically green shoulders and a slight crook in the neck. Narrow fruits 7” long; 10-12 oz. Flesh is very solid, rich flavor that makes excellent sauces and soups. Very small seed cavity.
Available online at High Mowing Organic Seeds. They have a photo too. Sounds great; I'm going to try this one for 2012.

I live in the hot south, so I grow disease-resistant, heat- setting Hybrid tomatoes. But, I'm very interested in purchasing some of the open-pollinated tomatoes, such as Merced, Improved Heatwave 24, & Dwarf Cherry Surprise (naturally disease-resistant). Might try Old Brooks. Since we had such a terrible drought this year, maybe I should try Super Sioux for dry, hot weather! ha! Has anyone ever grown Bella Rosa?

Re: Gardeners, Start Your Seed Search!

I had trouble with my peppers; I checked the roots and the nematodes stunted the plants growth and size of the peppers.
Next year, God willing, I'm going to use sterile soil and grow them in pots. Hope this helps you.

Another good Texas seed company is Willhite Seed Company located in Poolville, in business for over 85 years.

It's comforting to know you can order seeds that will grow well in our climate. We live near the coast, south of Houston - zone 9B; semi-tropical, humid weather in the summer.

I always search for plants with good disease resistance and nematode resistance, such as tomatoes (I think that helps no matter where you live); for spinach and lettuce grown in the spring, bolt-resistant; for sugar snap peas, mildew resistant.

Willhite is one of the few seed-catalog companies who sells the Sweet 1015 Onion seeds and/or plants, short-day type and send an excellent "how-to-grow onions guide". They also have an on-line website. I placed an order in Oct.; they just delivered my onion plants this Dec.

Re: Video: How to Start Seeds

Hey, that's a faster way! Where can you purchase fine medium for sowing tiny seeds? Most of the major chains sell products (with fertilizer mixed in) that are really for larger plants.
I use old venetian blinds for labels - we find them thrown out by the curb. Use a pencil for marking; it lasts longer in the weather than a black permanent marker.