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Re: Should Weeds Be Added to the Compost Pile?

I've been asked this many times before.
I've tried shredding them by scissors of course, removing the seeds and throwing away the roots.
But no matter what i normally get a fair few seeds in the compost bin, but heres a hint.
Put all the weeds (chopped or sliced up) into a pan of boiling water, for 10 or so minutes. Leave to cool, or luke warm. Strain the weeds from the water, and then bottle up the water and then there is a fertiliser all homemade, it works great! and the left over weeds could be disposed of or put in to the compost. It works for me. Why not try it? :)

Re: Remember to Rotate Your Crops

Actually, from my experiance.
Crop rotation is very important, because if you don't rotate your crops the cropping the year commencing will not be as strong and may not taste as good.
Rotating your crops allows you to have great tasting veg every year. But what do i know?