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7 things I've learned this year and a mystery tomato plant

My garden is back...bigger and badder than ever...but where did that tomato variety come from? And what the heck is it?

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I need your help with my seed choices!

I thought my first year of gardening was hard. Now that I'm trying to decide on tomatoes for this year I'm completely overwhelmed, I need your help...

A First Year Gardener

For a first time gardener surrounded by experts here at Fine Gardening magazine, I was a bit intimidated by all the information they knew and how much I didn’t. Luckily, I had a green thumb hiding all along...

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Re: Question: Can Anyone Identify This Pepper?

We have a bunch of other comments coming in! Do you have Facebook? Can you check them out?

Re: Question: Can Anyone Identify This Pepper?

Hello! I posted your question on our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/FineGardeningMagazine) and we have a response! Joseph Tychonievich of Arrowhead Alpines Plant Nursery says: Most pepper you buy at the store are F1 hybrids, so they won't come true from seed. However, since the sweet trait is caused by a recessive gene, If the parent was sweet, the seedlings will be sweet as well. All peppers change color when they mature, but given she doesn't remember what color the parent was, there is no way to know what color these will be, or how long it will take.

Re: 7 things I've learned this year and a mystery tomato plant

Well, we have an update: My tomatoes have colored up and Ruth and I are almost positive they are 'Paul Robeson' tomatoes!

Re: QUESTION: need suggestions on heating my greenhouse.

Hey wildflowers, I posted your question on our facebook page and got a bunch of suggestions for you! Do you have access to our page? Take a look!


Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

I grew Juliet tomatoes for my first garden ever...and I managed to keep them alive! Ruth actually gave me the seedling, and I'm so glad she did. These little guys are great right off the vine.

Re: A First Year Gardener

Greg, thanks for the recommendation. If it's a veggie and can grow in a container, I'm going to try it. Nothing can stop me now!

Re: A First Year Gardener

Amanda,I wanted to try and grow green beans next year! Think I could manage those in a container with a pole?