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Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

I am new, and just found this great site, I have a tall (9') green house that is 12x12, I live in a fairly mild climate, and while I havnt got it finished yet, my plan is to get some 55 gallon drums, paint them black, fill them with water/antifreeze to use them as a solar heater theyll soak up heat all day and radiate it at night. In addition to that I plan on using the wasted heat that my dryer vent puts out by piping it under ground (my dryer is on the opposite side of my house from my green house) to the green house to also heat the house. On cold nights right before bed I will turn the dryer on wich should keep the frost off threw the night. The 3rd part of my plan is (since I am an electrician) to place a thermostat switch that will both kick on an emergancy heater in the event that the house gets below 45 degrees, and will also open a window and turn on a small fan in the event it gets too warm. Thoughts? Anyone tryed this already?

Thanks and great site!