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Angel's Blue Eyes

Angel's Blue Eyes   If the sun rises without me,  And I'm not there to see,May your blue eyes view his magnificent skies,  and fill with tears for me. I wish you peace and happiness as I think of...

Garden Of Life by LCDR Joe Byers, USN (Ret)

  Garden of Life Time In The Garden To Feel Your Presence A Moment Of Peace To Experience Your Essence. Flowers Bloom At The Change Of The Season A Long Winter Pass And A Time To ReasonHow...

Alternative Energy Sustainable "Joe Dome" Village-Gardening, Solar, Wind, Geothermal

Alternative Energy,Sustainable, Solar, Wind, Geothermal Village- Village of Hope "Joe Dome"

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Re: Garden Of Life by LCDR Joe Byers, USN (Ret)

Our lives and the experience of living and nature around us help us to reflect on the majestic power of our creator. Viewing nature in it's raw environment provides a incredible perspective of God's magificance, omnipitence and power. It leaves me in awe!

Re: Homegrown / Homemade: Potatoes

Thank you Danielle for your posting. Enjoyed the video series. r/ JOe

Re: Homegrown / Homemade: Potatoes

Very good info on potato gardening. Setting my beds this weekend. Looking forward to the end of the summer to harvest. Thank you Sarah. r/ Joe

Re: Video: The Winter Vegetable Garden

Love the video. Allot of good info. r/ JOe

Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

I have a 6X8 ft master grow greenhouse that I just bought a greenhouse cover ($80 on ebay) to form an air barrier around the greenhouse. My next step is to use an oil lamp with vegetable oil (Very Cheap Heat) to heat the greenhouse at night. From my research this is the most economical way to do it without having to invest allot of money into a gas or electric heater. Based on the size of my greenhouse and the weather in Upstate New York this should provide enough BTUs through the winter months. r/ Joe Gardener 845-380-9575