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Re: Cool Kitchen Garden Containers

I found 3 old fiberglass laundry sink on legs at garage sales last year and drilled the bottoms for drainage. Since they are so deep I filled the bottoms of the sinks with old plastic milk cartons and old used plastic pony pacs. Then I put a mix of my own compost and bagged potting soil along with some other supplements and planted a wonderful Herb Garden last year.

I do not have a yard to use to plant so I put these on decks. I am over 70 and it is difficult for me to bend very much so these lovely sinks are just wonderful.

I took all of my perennial plants in the house as the frosts appeared and then instead of making my compost in a bin downstairs that is difficult for me to get to I began to incorporate my kitchen scrapes and egg shells directly into the sinks. I kept them watered and tilled though the winter season and have the loveliest composted soil in my containers to use this season.

I have planted now 2 patio tomatoes, 12 Romaine Lettuce plants, 2 lovely mint plants are back outside along with oregano and thyme. I have 3 grand dill plants and 3 parsley plants. I have a tub of Swiss chard and spinach and a tub of broccoli.

I also have a wonderful large container of Chinese Chives which I use continually. These are all things that I use and have a hard time finding organic and some that I cannot find at all in my marketplace.

Unfortunately my French Tarragon died over the winter, so I will have to go to the internet and find someone who sends out plants. Oh, yes, I also planted in large tubs two bay leaf shrubs. I am so looking forward to using them fresh in soups and stews!

I am not a veggie gardener. These two years are my first years to try this and they are I have to say my most proud accomplishments to be able to do so easily.