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QUESTION: What do I do with an overlooked garlic bulb that is sprouting in the ground?

Last year I grew garlic- great stuff, BUT I evidently missed harvesting one. This year we have warmed up all of a sudden, and I noticed this clump of foliage coming up. I thought it was green onions...

new raised bed- in front yard

Already using the full sun part of the backyard, so when we wanted to add a bed, we decided to add it in front. The front yard gets full sun almost all day.

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Re: One Pepper Plant, Two Pepper Varieties?

A genetic mutation?

Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

Sungold was also a big winner for me. Besides it I planted a small cherry called sweetie pie that produced well and was very tasty. I tried an Aunt Ruby's German Green cherry but it was very hard to get started, and took a long time to produce- also not as tasty as the full-sized.
I grew a large yellow/red streaks tomato called Gold Medal- produced very well, tasty, but I can't deal with the "bloody" streaks inside- puts me off.
Taste- I vote for Lemon Boy, or a mid-size red with green shoulders called First Light.

Re: "Culantro"

I had never heard of this, and I googled it. The info I found says that, like cilantro, it doesn't like heat and tends to bolt. If that's the case I might as well grow cilantro, which is prettier.

Re: QUESTION: What do I do with an overlooked garlic bulb that is sprouting in the ground?

So...I dug up the clump, and since I like to experiment, I did BOTH things Ruth suggested- I cooked with some and planted some. The "cooked with" was a great success- green garlic, who knew? I use green onions all the time, always have some growing. I should have thought of the garlic. I'll have to wait to see if the planted ones flourish.

Re: QUESTION: What do I do with an overlooked garlic bulb that is sprouting in the ground?

Thanks, Ruth. I'll dig it up and see. The shoots aren't tiny- they're the size of full size green onions, and all clumped together. I should have taken a picture.

Re: Planting Pricey Produce

I grow Broccoli Raab and Arugula pretty much all the time (I have some in a cold frame even now). They cost a fortune to buy if they are even available.

Re: How to use Green Tomates

Green tomato salsa is good- I process (could just chop) the green tomamtoes, green onions, cilantro, lime juice, and chili peppers. Green tomato pickles are good, too. We're so warm I may not have any left green this year.

Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I'm in. I live in Arizona, in the mountains (5,000 ft elevation). We had a long, cool Spring, then a hot Summer with a cool spell in the middle. My tomatoes have not done real well.
The best has been Early Girl- small fruit but tasty, and very productive- first to ripen.
After that- Lemon Boy and a hybrid called First Light- both great taste, fair sized, fairly productive. I always grow these three.

I planted 3 Aunt Ruby's German Green plants- I've got 2 tomatoes only, but they were huge and very good, so I'll try them again next year.

I tried Black Russian, and a cherry called Chocolate Cherry- both have produced well, but in our heat they turned an ugly brick red color, and I don't care for the taste at all. I made cooked salsa with them- not bad, but I don't like to eat them.

Another cherry called Snow White has been very productive. In the heat they turn bright yellow, not white. But they are pretty, taste good in salads, and I will grow them again.

Re: new to gardening

I'm no expert, but someone should answer you. There are huge numbers of sites on the Internet for help. Here's a link to one of my favorites:
It shows the best dates for MY area, just replace my zip code with yours. Also, just try searching for "best planting dates".
We get cold at night here (we are just around freezing now), and I'm putting out cool season things. Warm season things go in the ground anywhere from May1 to into June, depending on the weather.

Re: How to Grow Cilantro and Coriander

I can't seem to get very much leaf harvest- in sun the plants bolt VERY quickly, and in semi shade they are spindly and still don't produce much. BUT they each produce some, they are quite pretty when they flower, and I really like the taste of the coriander seed (I grind them in a mortar and pestle). So this year I think I'll just plant a lot of it and figure I'll get some leaves off each plant.

Re: Broccoli Rabe: The Other Broccoli

I grew Raab for the first time last year, and won't ever be w/o it now. I really love the stuff- raw in salads or cooked in olive oil with garlic.

Re: Video: How to Grow Potatoes in Containers

So how many potatoes would you probably get in a container like this?

Re: Cool Weather Lettuce for Fall and Winter Gardens

I'm not that much for lettuce. But I've got kale, chard, mustards, baby greens, and brocolli raab, mostly in containers which I can cover, some in my front flower garden which stays the warmest all Winter.

Re: Growing and Harvesting Winter Lettuce

I have some lettuce, but also baby greens mix, mustards, and broccoli raab, all growing in containers in front of my house. I do the "grow it thick and pick what you need: method. I have the containers on a table, have covered them a couple of nights, and plan when it gets cold enough to turn the whole table into a cold frame.

Re: What vegetables will grow in cold weather?

I just planted kale, mustard, and chard. All of these will hold up pretty well in the cold. None of them really GROW much if it is really cold, but if you get them good sized before freezing temps they will sit there and you can pick leaves as needed. In my area some winters it is warm enough that they DO grow.

Re: QUESTION: What plants and flowers attract hummingbirds?

I have an enormous butterfly bush, and the hummers like it as much as the butterflies. They also like my snapdragons. And they even were drawn to some radish plants which I let go to seed.

Re: Fall Planting of Cole Crops

I just planted lettuce, broccoli raab, bok choi (toy version), and radishes. I also have mustard, kale, and chard started in containers to transplant a little later. It is still too warm here, really; mid 80s to 90 days, and low 60s to high 50s night. It will be cooled down, though, by the time the plants get bigger.

Re: How to Harvest and Dry Coriander

We use the cilantro (leaves) in such large amounts in Mexican food and salsa that I can't get enough grown, it goes to seed. I knew that the seeds are used as a spice but I never saved them. Do you crush them or anything to release the flavor?

Re: Cold Frame Gardening

I have some supports for my tomatoes which are about 4 ft. above a raised bed. I was thinking about covering them with heavy plastic for a sort-of cold frame. The plastic would be straight across the top. Will plastic likely be enough insulation? We are in an area tha gets down to 20s and even teens in mid-winter, but the days are often 50s and the ground never freezes. I'm figuring I will need to open the sides of the frame many days.

Re: QUESTION: Wild mushrooms..good or bad?

I would just pull them up and discard them so they don't take up too much space. I had some come up, and I researched whether or not they were edible. I found one funny web site that said there are a LOT of different kinds of LBMs (little brown mushrooms) and that most of them were OK, but some could kill you, and that not even the experts can identify all of them.