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Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

Wow..lots of good ideas! We had a greenhouse in Seattle, elevated beds, pea gravel floor and it was the most sublime thing to have rain or even snow falling in the winter and have my hands in warm soil, planting, transplanting, cleaning pots for the spring that temperate climate only needed to put cover cloth on beds in rare freeze was to occur.
Now we live in NH and dream of that greenhouse! It was a bit of a culture shock to garden from an urban city style to rural-wooded-former apple farm..long gone to nature. After years of fighting with rocks, stones, boulders, all sorts of wildlife munching and trampling the garden we got smarter!
We now have raised beds for cutting flowers, berries, veggies and we have extended growing season on the veg beds by putting poly tunnels over several of them. Have not tried them through a hard winter will let you know how far past Xmas they produce. Here in NH the costs of heating a greenhouse would be we are exploring options too..anyone tried solar panels?