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Re: All We Need is Our Lemon Cucumbers

We're lovin' the lemon cukes this year too! Two seedlings have been mucho productive climbing all over my front yard fence. Very tasty & very easy to grow, even in 5-gallon buckets. I water them every 3-4 days depending on the temps and they just keep on chuggin' along.

Re: Diatomaceous Earth as Non-Toxic Ant Killer

Uncovered a massive nest today in the little planter strip by my front door. Broadcast DE over the whole planter, then a solid trail around the whole perimeter. Fingers crossed that it helps. Wouldn't normally mess with them, but this was a HUGE nest and right against the side of the house.

Re: Why You Want Redworms and Earthworms (Nightcrawlers) in Your Garden

Red Wigglers are pretty awesome critters all right. Not many things work magic on a garden like good worm poo. All that great biological activity in the soil is invaluable.