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Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

I'm surprised at all the recommendations for Sungold. I much prefer Sunsugar for a fuller, richer, sweeter flavor. And very prolific. Isis Candy is good, too, if you have hot summers. But in the foothills of the Coast Range here in Oregon, we just couldn't get them to ripen quickly enough to get a full enough harvest. Rose de Berne is a nice one for earliness in a midsized tomato. I've finally learned the importance of keeping a good diary, otherwise I'd have more recommendations for you. So soon old, so late smart....

This much I do know, Opalka tomatoes taste wonderful, but suffer from too much blossom end rot in our area to make them worthwhile. We gave up and switched to San Marzano and Super San Marzano and had a good crop. We live in a canyon, and only get about 7 hours of sun a day.