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Re: Storing Your Vegetable Seeds

My excess vegetable seeds are simply stored in clear glass storage jars that are small in size to accommodate the small quantity each. I then mark each individual jar with a marker and some white duct tapes for easy retrieval later on. If the amount is too little, I would simply dispose them off.

Re: How to Keep Cilantro Fresh

I do not have any specific storage solutions for my vegetables but I often wash and dry them before wrapping them up with newspapers (to absorb excess moisture) prior to placing them in the dry compartment of the fridge. So far my vegetables have been observed to last well over 2 weeks or so.

Re: DIY Seed Packet Storage Box

The seed package storage box looks almost like the ones you'll see in gardening shops haha! To think that you can collect that many that you're stocking almost as well as the shops, that's going to say something about your gardening skills right! And when your plants start producing, you'll have even more seed to add to the collection!