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Re: How to Grow Herb Fennel

I usually have it somewhere in my herb garden - partly because it is so invasive! Grow and use this useful plant, but with caution. It is terribly invasive and is causing considerable damage in some Eastern Shore wildlife refuges in Virginia, for example. Like bamboo, it forms a monoculture and shuts out wildlife.

Re: The First Day of Spring, 2004

This leads me to another question: many "salad crop" vegetables say to plant "as soon as the ground can be worked." Yet at the same time I see dire warnings about NOT doing anything with the soil while it's cold and wet, lest its "structure" be destroyed.

What to do with this contradictory advice? And are you starting your lettuce inside or outside?


Re: The First Day of Spring, 2004

It's been a brutal winter in many parts of the country. Here on the East Coast, I feel so behind - I want some early salad crops, but haven't started anything. Is it too late for beets, spinach, and the like?

BTW, I haven't been a very good gardener. I have spent a lot of money haphazardly. I work, which means I haven't been consistent enough.

My vegetable garden is very small, maybe 12 feet x 9 feet. So I should be able to handle that, right? I'm only one person, so with some help from SFG techniques, it should be enough, particularly since I get many vegetables from a CSA.

But I need help, am beginning to think I am hopeless.