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Re: Gardening for Beginners

Ah, I love the shares on growing that come from the web pages of Western Gardeners Jodi Torpey. She bring us all growing information, trends and ideas that help us all grow and this post on the book authored by Katie is just more proof to Jodi's dedication to helping us all grow naturally!

Re: Indoor Seed Starting Materials List

Love the winter seed sowing information makes you want to jump up and get to growing <|;-)

Re: Best Weed Cultivator: The Hoe of Death

We have been blessed with early rain here in Southern California I too have pressed my stirrup hoe into early action. Daily walks down my 500 ft long driveway to the mail box, hoe in hand working weeds on the right side on my way there and on the left as I work my way back to the ranch house...Never leave home without it!

Re: Adopt a Bat for Halloween

Wonderful article on natures way of pest control I'll be happy to adopt a few : )

Re: Perfect Fall Gardening Tasks

WOOT-WOOT love the push to make Fall/Winter gardening as well known as Spring gardening : )