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Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

I have a very small greenhouse made out of old paned windows. It measures 4 x 4 and it is even a bit drafty. I live in KY and get an early start with my seedlings. Unfortunately the temps can fluctuate a lot -- 2 days nice and warm and then BANG the nightly temp drops,to 25 degrees F. Finding a heat source was not easy but through reading the comments in this site, I came up with the idea of using a crockpot filled with water and turned to the high setting. I set the timer for 13 hours, put the lid on and placed it on the floor of my little wood and glass greenhouse. We tied a blanket around the little house and the interior temp never dropped below 60 despite an outside air temp of 25. If it were to be rainy and cold I would just throw a tarp over it.