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Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

I have a gas heater in my greenhouse. My bill usually goes up during the winter months. Somebody has advice me of utilizing the heat of the laundry dryer so I can save on gas. I started the greenhouse to grow orchids just for a hobby, but I am now using most part of it to start growing fuchsia and a few other plants which I sell at the farmers' market from spring till summer. Although, it's located in the south side of our garage, a big spruce tree on end to the west side is shading most part of the greenhouse, so I cannot get much of sun's heat when the sun is out. The greenhouse is 12x 16, and I just purchase grow lights also from Craigslist for $50 only for two. I plan on keeping the lights on only for 5-6 hours a day since that's the minimum requirement most plants need to bloom. The green house has exhaust fan for summer, and a small one to distribute the air. I have the gas heater at least 3 feet above the ground, and keep the heat at around 50 degrees f. during the night at least and 65 during the day. When the sun is out, that saves my heater from going off.