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Garden Planning for Cooks and Foodies

Planning your garden around a meal or style of cooking can give you a season full of perfect and affordable ingredients.

Garden Planning

Tips and suggestions for creating a beautiful and functional edible landscape.

All in the family

This article is about a Seed Savers publication, the Yearbook, that provides a place to exchange treasured family heirloom seeds.

Heirloom seed popularity contest

Learn how we choose which seeds make it into our seed catalog - and find out what "old" seeds are "new" in the 2010 catalog.

Garlic Planting

"Do not eat garlic or onions; for their smell will reveal that you are a peasant.” Cervantes in Don Quixote. Unless you side with Don Quixote, don't forget to plant garlic before you put your garden to bed for the winter!

All seeds are treated equally, even biennials

Tips and challenges for saving seed from biennial plants in a cool climate. After all, every seed deserves to be saved!

Saving Squash Seed

People have saved squash seeds for hundreds of years. Read about one technique we use to process squash seeds at Seed Savers Exchange and different methods that have been used throughout history.

Saving Titan sunflower seeds

A Baseball players guide to eating and saving sunflower seeds.

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Learn how easy it is to eat your tomatoes and save them too!