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Edible Plants: Can I Eat It?

Newbie gardeners, Ari and Emma are hungry and wish to know what is edible in the garden they are working in. Lucky for them, they are in a garden designed by Shirley Bovshow who leads them on a tour...

Cocktail Gardening: Grow Mint, Basil and Cilantro for Popular Drinks!

Learn how to grow popular cocktail gardening herbs, mint, basil and cilantro in containers. Garden expert Shirley Bovshow teaches new gardeners, Ari and Emma how to create a stacked mint container...

Make a Lightweight Potted Garden With Less Soil!

One of my favorite "gardening accessories" is the Ups-A-Daisy planter insert that allows me to garden in large pots without filling them up with soil! Watch and let me know what you use to make your...

Preview! "Plants, Plants, Plants!" on the Garden World Report Show

There is nothing more exciting in the garden industry than previewing new plant introductions at the annual, "Spring Trials" Tour in California. The Garden World Report Show takes you where "only...

Bold, Red, Raised Planter by Shirley Bovshow

This is a raised garden bed that I designed for one of my  garden makeovers on HGTV. The family had a small yard and wanted to grow vegetables. I noticed the view of the neighbor's garage from...

Preview!" Garden Show Extravaganza" on the Garden World Report Show!

Garden World Report presents, "Garden Show Extravaganza" with highlights from the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, tour a succulent pavilion with award winning author, Debra Lee Baldwin, tour...

Nominate Your Favorite Garden Blog for "Mouse and Trowel Award!"

It's time to give honor to our favorite gardening blogs by nominating them for a "Mouse and Trowel" award! Do you love the fact that you can visit Vegetable Gardener anytime and leave a more educated...

Press Room at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show!

Go behind the scenes at the Press Room with America's favorite garden writers, bloggers and editors at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, including Fine Gardening blogger, Billy...

Garden World Report: "A Retiree Designs the Smiley Children's Garden in Ohio!"

Some people do their best work during their "career years." Not so with Ohio Master Gardener, Louise Hartwig. An avid gardener, Louise Hartwig set off to accomplish her best work as a gardener during...

Plant Obsessions: Hydrangea Cultivars on Garden World Report!

Anna, known on the web as the "Flower Garden Girl" reveals the object of her garden obsession- hydrangea cultivars! Enjoy Anna's garden tour as seen on the Garden World Report show. What a collector...

Garden Trends for 2010: "Edible Gardening

This is a segment from my weekly, online garden TV talk show, "The Garden World Report." Suzi McCoy, a garden trend spotter and marketing expert see's a move away from purely "vegetable plot"...

Low Tech Lifting Aid for the Garden: Potlifters

I found the "Potlifters" product, a low tech tool to help you lift heavy things like bags, stone and more in the garden with ease. It's just a simple strapping system and works great! I visit garden...

A Gardening Medium For Planting Over Concrete!

I visit garden retail trade shows to find new and clever products. I got excited about this GroSoxx planter that enables me to plant on concrete floors, walls and more!

How Gardening Changed My Life!

When I became a stay at home mom, I had no idea I would emerge a few years later as a professional garden designer and embark on a garden television career!

Enjoy a Pocketful of Sunshine!

You are invited to visit some of the gardens I've designed.

The World Needs More "Eden Makers!"

The world as we know it is changing and "virtual reality" is fast becoming the "new reality." The role of the "Eden Maker" will emerge as an important one in this new world...Are you an "Eden Maker?"

Pre-Seeded Vegetable Garden Planting Mats

I found out about these pre-seeded vegetable gardening mats last year. I'm so impressed with them that I have to share with you!

Gardening Containers From the Dollar Store!

Some of the best gardening containers are right in your kitchen....or the Dollar store!

A Garden Beautiful Enough to Eat!

Edible gardens are gaining in popularity across the nation and new gardeners are hungry for planting and design tips. I encourage people to get the most of their yards and take advantage of every...

An Artichoke Among the Sages

I enjoyed an artichoke recently that was so delicious and "meaty" that I couldn't stop thinking about it for a few days. It was grilled and I had it sans dip but I was fantasizing about a...

Shirley Bovshow's Edible Gardens

I am a professional garden designer, garden coach and garden television host who loves to feed people from the garden! My edible gardens are organic and I like to use the landscape space creatively...

recent comments

Re: Nominate Your Favorite Garden Blog for "Mouse and Trowel Award!"

I must say Ruth, Vegetable Gardener is hand's down my favorite online resource for vegetable gardening.

While there are other quality blogs, Vegetable Gardener can't be beat for their stable of talented and qualified expert writers and contributors. It's all here!

Fine Gardening magazine, is also a decadent diversion for this gardener. Plant information, design inspiration and "how-to's" are all first rate. Good luck!
Shirley Bovshow
Garden World Report Show

Re: Video: How to Pick a Ripe Watermelon

You are the best at culinary herbs. Great video.
Shirley Bovshow
Garden World Report

Re: Video: How to Transplant Seedlings

Hi JM,
One of the best visual guides to starting seeds I've seen in a long time. Relaxing music too!
Shirley Bovshow
Garden World Report

Re: Video: Grubbin' in the Garden: Edible Landscape

Hi Patti,
Your daughter is adorable and soooooo smart! Keep your eyes on her. She is your "mini me" and does a great job in front of the camera.

Re: Summer Squash Bonanza

Hey Christy,
It's great to see you here at
It's about time, girl. So you are pushing the square foot bounderies? That's the spirit. There is so much garden wisdom out there and I like to test the limits too. I see your garden veggies have grown since I was in your yard a few weeks ago.

I hope to see more of your posts here since I drop in a lot. You are amazing and a wonderful inspiration!

Your L.A. co-hort

Re: Writing from the road continued

Hi Susan,
Good to hear you had a good time at Epcot. I spoke there a few weeks ago!

Debbie at Epcot told me about you when I was there. She was excited to have you speak this year.

I love Florida but the humidity is too much for an extended period of time. I can handle 3-4 days tops.It's nice that your family traveled with you.

Shirley Bovshow

Re: Enjoy a Pocketful of Sunshine!

Thanks Kaggy.
Have you posted any photos of your community garden? I will have to check. I'm curious to see it.

Re: The World Needs More "Eden Makers!"

Hi kaggy,
thanks for commenting. I just read your profile- 55 years gardening AND you are involved in a community garden with your daughters? You are awesome! An inspiration and yes, a true eden maker!

How is your garden coming along this season?

Re: Write about your garden!

Great news. I have lots to share!

Re: Raspberries: An Affordable Luxury in Tough Times

I've got my raspberries growing on a beautiful dead tree! The structure of the tree is nice and the tree did not die of a disease, so I am using it to support my berries. I will post a photo soon. The vine is growing up the trunk and around the branches, creating a "fountain" and cascading effect!

Re: Garden- 2008

what a delicious garden!

Re: How to Grow Herb Fennel

Great information. I've used fennel and asparagus in the garden as privacy screens. Functional, edible and fragrant. What a triple threat!
Shirley Bovshow

Re: A Kitchen Garden on the White House Lawn

This is great news! I hope that it will be a source of inspiration for many people to try growing some of their own food.

Re: Man in the garden!

welcome! A little more testosterone in the garden is a good thing!

Re: An Artichoke Among the Sages

Hey Patti,
You are in a cold climate too, like Ruth. It will be interesting to hear how well artichokes do for you guys. Are you putting yours in a pot to overwinter later in the cold season or do you think they will be alright in your garden with protection?

Re: Recently Built 4 New Raised Beds for Vegetable Garden in our Backyard

Congratulations on your new veggie garden! The wood looks so nice and everything so perfect, I'm sure you can't wait to get it "dirty!"


Re: An Artichoke Among the Sages

Thanks Ruth.
Five seeds have sprouted? Fantastic. I'm sure you will be babying these sprouts. I would love to hear about your progress later. Good luck my cold climate gardening friend.

Re: Video: Maple Syrup in the City

My favorite is so "sweet!"

Re: Maple Sugar from City Trees!

Hey Patti,
I love this post! I remember the scent of maple sugar wafting through the air when I was in Canada- "Maple Syrup Central." I was in awe of the whole process. Thanks for bringing back great memories!

Re: Organic Vegetable Garden: Tomatoes

Hey Jean Ann,
It's great to see you here at Vegetable Gardener. I'm going to go tell the rest of the Gardening Coaches about this great site! I think it is a great resource for us and our clients!

Re: Grow Lettuce from Seed

Hi Ruth,
Looking at your lettuce photos gets me excited about my own veggie garden. How can anyone resist being able to grow the varieties of vegetables that they like the most?

I also like to mix things up in the garden and aim for beautiful and bountiful combinations. Hey, the garden might as well look great while its growing and getting ready to feed my family.

Just for fun, I place two different colored lettuces in one planting hole and enjoy the "hybrid" results.

Re: Video: Shaker Medicinal Herb Garden

Okay, you twisted my arm...I'm going out to the garden now to forage my herbs for some tea. Great stuff Patti!

Re: Oh, Deer

Good advice and the illustrations are amazing! Where can I see more from this artist?

Re: Stone Wall Tactics

Hi James,
Your raised stone gardens are gorgeous!

What can be better than strolling through an inviting garden and realizing that the plants can all be eaten.
Your garden embodies beauty and bounty and I'm a big fan of that combo.

Re: The Enemy

Here's a recipe I found with an Italian twist to snail and those of us who are growing parsley,celery, onions and garlic can put them to use right now. It is a very simple recipe..thank God!

Insalata de Scungilli


Re: Shirley Bovshow's Edible Gardens

Thanks Kate.
More to come! There is no greater pleasure than growing your own food and sharing it with others. Since I can't offer you a salad from my garden at least I can share photos of the goodies here on your site.

Re: The Enemy

Pass the garlic and butter!

Re: It's time to start planning

Hey Kate,
Love your new vegetable gardening website!