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Re: How to Keep Cilantro Fresh

I've stored fresh coriander in the freezer for many months at a time. Once thawed, it is still attractive and tasty, but the nose is less pungent, and it deteriorates quite fast. It needs to be thawed at the last minute before serving.

My method involves rinsing the cut stems, then removing as much water as possible in a salad spinner. I place them in a plastic bag and remove all of the air. I have a small vacuum pump, but this can be accomplished quite well with your mouth via a drinking straw. Once the bag has collapsed as far as possible, I twist the end and knot it tightly. One of those commercial vacuum sealers would probably work best.

It's important to plunge the package into the coldest part of your freezer, and leave it closed for a few hours to freeze the coriander as fast as possible. Slow freezing allows large water crystals to form, which split the food fibres and cause it to go limp when thawed.