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Re: Diatomaceous Earth as Non-Toxic Ant Killer

I am sick in bed and was using my microphone on my iPhone. I noticed many spelling errors :/ I guess I need to be more careful using this feature..I just felt compelled to explain so my request is taken seriously :)
Thank you!

Re: Diatomaceous Earth as Non-Toxic Ant Killer

I have upstairs condo that is a rental (5hrs away).
Before Christmas my tenant said that she had ants. I called Terminex and they said they had a non-toxic powder that they use since my tenant has a baby. I asked her if it was diatomaceous earth, she didn't say no. I knew it diatomaceous earth in the garden but didn't realize that it worked for ants as well. She quoted me $200. I suggested to my tenant that she get some diatomaceous earth to combat them, but apparently she's been too lazy to do it, but once me to spend $200 for Termine next to do it. I have called a handyman to take care of it but since it's upstairs I was curious can it just be used under the sink and back of cupboards? My tenant felt like it was coming from downstairs. Any suggestions?