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5 Reasons You Should Grow a Vegetable Garden

If you have never grown a vegetable garden before, then 2010 is the year you should start. A month or so ago, you may have been busy writing down those resolutions that you want to accomplish in the...

20 Ways You Know You Are Addicted to Vegetable Gardening

I will be the first to admit that I am addicted to vegetable gardening. Over the last few years, I have caught myself doing things or saying things that has confirmed that I am a gardening junkie...

Pictures From Around My 2009 Vegetable Garden

Here are a few pictures from around my vegetable garden. Most of these pictures were taken around the middle of August, 2009. I made some mistakes, learned a lot, and fought off a bunch of critters...

Five Ways To Improve Your Gardening Skills and Knowledge

Unfortunately, for most of us gardening is not a year round activity. The winter months can have us gardeners yearning for warmer days and blue skies. Although winter is in full force here in the...

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Re: Onion, Artichoke, & various other vegetables

Very nice picture...mind sharing some beets? ;-) What veggie is in the back corner?

Re: Add Some Spice to Your Life

What a great idea! I never tried making my own paprika. The only peppers I generally grow are poblanos and banana peppers. I would love to grow at least one paprika plant this year, and give this a try.

A very nice picture as well. The beautiful colors of these peppers are enough to add it to the garden.

Re: 20 Ways You Know You Are Addicted to Vegetable Gardening

@Patricia Gardening can become an addiction, but a very good one to have. I'm glad to hear you're able to get back to ordering seeds and gardening. I can't wait to hear about how your onions are progressing!

@JadaE That's some pretty good signs that you are a vegetable gardening addict ;)I get anxious as well when I'm driving home. The first thing I think about is getting out to the garden. Is that awful?

@Ruth Yes, I start way more seeds than I'll ever use. I end up giving much of my seedlings away. I have started seeds for a vegetable even after my garden is filled. I'll run out to the garden center, and buy a container to put them in.

Here's a few more ways you know you are addicted to vegetable gardening.

You keep pictures of your garden in your wallet or purse.

You run out of garden space in your back yard, so you start growing vegetables in the front yard.

Once the front yard is full of vegetables, you fill your truck bed with soil and grow vegetables there. (I've actually done that)