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Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

Tomatoes were the first things we grew in containers, after my girlfriend and I got married and were waiting to afford a home.

That was 29 years ago and a lot of container gardens ago but we finally got a home with space for a garden. Now we grow lots of tomatoes. I have tomatoes I grow every year but we also like to try new one.

I joined a seed club and get seeds every month. Each year there are usually 5 or so varieties of tomatoes. I always look forward to mail at the first of each month just to see what new seeds I'm getting.

Re: What Causes Bitter Cucumbers?

I have noticed that the cucumbers neighbours have given us over the years definitely have different levels of bitterness. Even though they looked the same I just thought they were different varieties of cucumbers.

Last year was our first year as vegetable gardeners but we didn't grow any cucumbers. I am going to have them this year and I will do my best to keep them from drying out.

Always love great vegetable gardening tips as they help us to grow as gardeners. :)