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Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

For a small green house, a infrared heater will do. Insulate the roof and walls, with plastic. As well as the entry way. Amazon sells a long adhesive tarp zipper, long enough for a door.
I have just purchased a parasene heater from England. It is a double burner (4 wicks). Parasene is kerosene. You could probably use veg.oil in this heater. It is small, and compact.
My green house is 10' by 12'. Infrared heater works, after insulating the interior, but I am tired of tripping over the cord.
Tomorrow we light the heater, I will let you know.
The English have many types of web sites, greenhouses are very common there, and you cannot buy their items any where else.
we have to change that!