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Re: Mini-hoop House

Dear mrco11I just put together 3 beds two 3 x 20 on 24 inch legs (very bad back) one at ground level for vines 4 x 8 With permanent trellis 7 feet tall doubled all around. Built all beds with standard mix as recommended by the square foot web site. All beds are filled over six inches deep as also recommended by square foot. 5, 4 cubic foot spragum moss and 7, 3 cubit foot sacks perlite and 12, 2 cubic foot sacks garden soil. I've used this mix before and my busy worm farm keeps giving me castings to continually enrich the mixture. The two raised beds ran about $120.00 each the 8 ft bed came from scrapes trellis was $22.00 for materials. The soil mixture was $235.00 including tax fir all three beds This gives me 152 feet of square foot foot gardening. I plant garlic chives in each bed keeps the locale felines from finding their new favorite scratch boxes

The reason the raised bed are 3 x 4 is that i used 4, 3x5x1/2 Backer boards for the bottoms of each bed with suitable drainage holes.