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QUESTION: Keeping Groundhogs Out of Raised Beds

Groundhogs (aka woodchucks) dug under the gate and wiped out my cabbages. What can I do?

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Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

We moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Cornelius, NC and can't seem to get the hang of growing tomatos here. We used to have a great crop of beefsteak and bush. What are some tips to grow them here? Soil, variety or time of planting?

Re: Make Your Own Tumbler Compost Bin

Matt-One other thing I just noticed. It looks like you added some kind of “bearing” around the pipe to spread the weight over the hole through the bucket. What did you use?

Re: Make Your Own Tumbler Compost Bin

Matt: Great use of off shelf materials! A+ for design. Just one comment- if the cross bars were higher off the ground, and the door was larger and toward the middle, you could roll your wheelbarrow under it, open the door, and dump out the contents. The door could just be a clean cut through the sidewall with an aluminum strip / frame as a flange (pop riveted) with hinges and a hasp to hold it closed. One question- what hardware store did you get the buckets? They look a little deeper than the ones at Home Depot.