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Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

I just came across this site and i love it. I have a small 3×3 greenhouse that was bought a few years ago at our local biglots. Its a cheap aluminum type frame with a plastic covering that stands 6 feet tall with several shelves. It works great for small plants and germination. Its february and were getting hit with a big winter storm right now. I found an old copper food warmer thats basically a pot with a alcahol burner on the bottom. I filled it with water and placed a candle in the bottom and set it on the floor of the greenhouse. The hot water and steam are providing sufficient heat and keeping the plants warm. Their loving it! I also want to mention that the candle is inside a metal caseing where the burner is supposed to go so theirs no way of starting fire. I eventually plan to builf a bigger greenhous that we can actually walk into and grow vegitables and more herbs but i thought this idea could help somebody. It costs me $0 to heat and it works! Let me know if this helps you;)