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My first garden!

thses are pics from my first garden. In my garden are husky cherry tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, okra, bell peppers, onion and watermelon. included is a pic of my pineapple plants and a lemon tree...

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Re: Chiming in on Mini Bell Peppers

i had a plant that i purchased at wal-mart that was labeled fajita bell from bonnie plants, could they be the same as what you have? the marker shows fruit size to be 4"x3.5", but all of mine have been more like the size of a golf ball. they start out green and then red, i never waited to see if they would turn brown as some have hinted that they might, but we have had a cpl of freezes already and i didn't want to chance losing them because they have some really great flavor!! i harvested 3 large bell peppers too and a cpl of dozen of who knows what kind of peppers they are. lol i'll have pics up here a lil bit later tonight or tomorrow.
thanks for all your help, your articles are awesome!! cheers

Re: My first garden!

well thank you much, westerngardner, i really did enjoy my garden and its rewards so much that next year it will be twice the size of this years. i will place my plants more strategically next year after seeing the light this year! lol it is almost november now and i still have my bell pepper plants going just as strong as ever.

thanks again, Sonny

Re: Raised Garden Beds

excellent idea for raised bed gardens! i used some old 2x6 i got from a remodel i had done, using old tent stakes and other stakes i had lying around the house.