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Re: How to Harvest and Dry Coriander

I grow a bunch of cilantro just for salsa every year, and this was my first year saving the coriander. I cut the little seed bunches off the stalks and put them in a paper bag over winter in the garage. Then in early spring, spent almost a day separating the little balls from the stems. Not an easy task, even after 4 months of drying out. Then I saved one of those crappy black pepper grinders that black pepper comes in, at the store when it was empty, and refilled it with similarly sized coriander balls, and just grind up a couple of caps full for my chili recipe. The amount of labor was absolutely worth it, as I now have enough coriander for the next 4 - 5 years, from just that one day of pain in the butt sorting seeds from stems. In fact it's soo good in everything I add it to, that I'm going to do a harvest this year, to give away at Christmas time in the same grinder configuration to friends.