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Re: QUESTION: Help! Birds are eating my tomatoes

This is my first year growing tomatoes here in Hawaii. I'm growing them in containers and they are doing GREAT!! Fist size tomatoes (Beefsteak) but still green and hard as a rock. The birds started eating them. Yep, didn't even wait until they were close to being ripe. I tried the netting, colored balls and CD's hanging from fishing line. Nothing worked until I read on another page that they had tried putting sandwich size ziplock baggies over each tomato as soon as it was big enough to slip over the tomato. Viola! No more birds....I had first bought the quality Zip Lock brand baggies but they were too thick, stiff and invasive so I bought the flimsy cheap ones and they work great. I also cut off a small corner at the bottom to let the condensation escape. Now....what to do with all of this netting, CD's and Christmas balls!!