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Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

I'm with PKnapp. Sun Sugar is just tasty, if not better than Sun Gold, and resists cracking better, has a thinner skin, and is less susceptible to late blight here. Left Sweet Million in the cut as far as production, too.
Juliet is great for a larger tomato. Tumbler is great for containers. Momotaro was just so delicious! Mmmmm. Can't wait to start again!

Re: Low-Cost Deer Defense

We have found that our neighborhood deer ignore pie plates after a while. They get used to them and once they do, they ignore them forever after. Also, we find that things that work at the beginning of the season start to lose their intimidation effect after the plentiful spring bounty starts to dry up as summer progresses and the crops start to flourish. Those pesky deer even ate tomato plants in August until I started using shiny mylar balloons filled with helium on long, lightweight ribbon. Even the slightest breeze move them unpredictably, and as they deflate a little, they also crinkle. The only damage I had last year was on 2 nights that high winds blew my balloons away. I replaced them the next day, and the deer disappeared again.
Balloons cost $1 at the Dollar Tree nearby, and can be refilled at the drug store down the street for $1. I used 8 all summer.
This year, I have a much larger garden, and I thought that the cost of the balloons would be too high. I used to be an events planner, and so I had rolls of mylar streamers. I have hung strips 8'long from the 8' tall stakes surrounding my raised beds that also hold the 7' high netting. I have high hopes that will work as they get hungrier and bolder.
I've also read that white ribbons, imitating the flash of the white tail deer alarm, should be hung no higher than 4' from the fence. I've made these from strips of grocery bags, so they flutter easily. So far, so good. (Knock on wood.)
Good luck to you all!