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Re: DIY Heat Mat Speeds Seed Starting

Very interesting! Do you have any sense of how much energy the two kinds of mats use, comparatively? Which one burns watts faster?


Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

I want to second what Veeta said: I love black tomatoes, in the medium size category. For years, I've been growing 'Black from Tula," a variety available at various places such as Seed Savers. They are a little slower to produce, a little less productive, and a little more susceptible to sun scald than other plants.

But here are the big pluses: they are extremely delicious, are beautiful in the garden and on the plate, and are a perfect tomato to use for fresh entrees, like tomato and basil salads and salsas. They have a rich, buttery, smoky flavor that just can't be beat.

So I always grow a plant or two of them, alongside earlier, heartier varietals. (Although I should say that I haven't had disease problems with black tomatoes, just sun scald).

I live in Illinois.

Re: How to Grow Mache (Corn Salad): Spring's First Green

It's all the rage here in Germany (where I'm living for a year), so I may well be bringing seeds back. I've noticed that they tend to serve collections of whole rosettas here, leaves still connected together, and it almost looks like a miniature bok choi, if that makes sense as an image: deer tongue leaves connected back to lighter stems that fall back into a single root. Great!

I definitely like the idea of planting this as a carpet over harvested beds in the early fall -- but I'm a little worried that, living in Illinois, our occasional hot fall day will cause it all to bolt. We'll see.