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Frosted Greens

Our garden finally recieved it's first hard frost.  The frontyard green leaves are curled up tightly, which is a self-protective move, and dusted with white glitter. The wilted, sad looking leaves...

Urbanite Raised Beds

I started creating our backyard vegetable garden beds two years ago, using random materials that I found on our new property. Some rocks, bricks and pieces of wood were used to retain a couple...

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Re: Urbanite Raised Beds

Hi loischen,
I do think you bring up some valid points. Firstly, about the concrete influencing the ph of the soil to the high alkaline side. That would work well for our acidic soil. Twice a year, I have been adding lime to bring the ph level up. As of the concrete adding other contaminates ot the soil, I am going to have to do some research on that. Thank you for your comment.

Re: Pumpkintime

I just wrote about pumpkins today :) thanks for your recipes.