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Re: Watering Your Seed(ling)s

Kb5won... I may have been reading too early in the morning but the author seemed to be laying out choices in watering methods. These methods aren't really options -- they're all essential. Wetting potting soil before planting is not something extra to do to avoid watering for a few days after seeding. Try filling a pot with bone-dry potting soil and then pouring water on top. The water is likely to roll right off of the soil instead of sinking in .

Re: Watering Your Seed(ling)s

This is such a false dichotomy. Those aren't three methods. Whenever you start seeds, you should use moist potting mix. Work in moisture by pouring water over the soil, stirring and squeezing to get it evenly as moist as a wrung-out sponge. If you skip this step, very dry potting soil can actually repel water and you'll have trouble getting the plants evenly watered. Gentle misting can help keep the very top of the soil moist when you are awaiting germination. Bottom watering encourages deep roots in your seedlings and helps to ensure that your potting mix is thoroughly moistened on a regular basis. There's no danger of overwatering with bottom watering unless you forget to discard the excess water once your soil is saturated.

Re: QUESTION: Guinea Pig Poop as Garden Fertilizer?

Absolutely. Used Paper or wood pellet bedding from your guinea pig cages is a great addition to a compost bin. If you change your cages regularly, it actually works more as a "brown" or neutral addition to the pile, rather than a "green" nitrogen source since it is way more bedding than poop.