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Re: How to Keep Cilantro Fresh

I have tried all of the above in the article. My newest method, which works for over 2 weeks, is to place a piece of paper towel on the bottom of a plastic container saved from a purchase, say baby spinach in a plastic box, lay the cilantro in it, a paper towel across the top, a light spray of water, and into the refrigerator. This method works for nearly all my refrigerated vegetables.

Re: With Fava Beans, to Peel or Not to Peel Is the Question

This year I finally made a combination I have wondered about for some time: fava beans, artichokes, and lamb. A stew, braised. I believe it is mostly Italian in origin. It is delicious.

I have found that I can freeze the beans after taking them out of the pod, and when I'm ready to use them, defrost and slip the skins off.