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Re: Watering Your Seed(ling)s


All you really hve to do is after the dirt plant the seeds water and have it in full sun they will do just fine like this you Don't need to add all that other stuff its a waist of time

Re: The Ultimate Tomato Trellis

wow great idea!

Re: How Do You Choose Which Tomato Varieties to Grow?

wow cool

Re: How Much Space Do You Need For a Vegetable Garden?

wow this is good

Re: How Do You Choose Which Tomato Varieties to Grow?

This year I am going to grow my tomatoes indoors.Does anyone have any good tips to keep them healthy inside till spring?

Re: All About Tomatoes

I myself am having the same proplem I planterd my beefsteak tomatoes at the end of april.Sometimes it depends on the plant you buy your tomato plan(s) may be done producing there fruit this Also here is a tip When your flowers on your tomato plants star to turn light brown or drying up that means there is a tomato coming from it.I have a big garden Try using the Topsy Turvy Tomato planter the upside down tomato works well and great
to grow tomatoes there 9.99 or at walgreens they are 6.99

hope this helps you let me know if this helps!

Re: The Road to Healthy, Productive Tomatoes

To DMC58 & Gingercats

I had the same proplem with my tomatoes Last year I moved mine and switched them with my pepper plants and it seemed to work better.Also a home remide trick here in southern Michigan we get our frost Early October or Late September And I start getting the same proplem you are getting ut off the leaves that are bad this takes away food from the good part of the plant.I use TARGET OR MEIJER BRAND Mouthwash The mouthwash keeps the bugs off try getting a strong one it does not matter if it is expired.This will keep the bugs and the leaves from turning yellow or white spots.If this does not work you may need to find another location for your tomato plants.
Good Luck!

Re: All About Tomatoes

watering your plants once a week is too little water if you watered it once a week it propally would kill your tomato plant every 3 days would work depends on your region you live in.

Re: Paying Your Gardening Skills Forward

good idea mine is just like this But It is full of different herbs

Re: How Do You Know When to Harvest Sweet Corn?

I planted corn and the squirlls and rabbits keep on eating my stalks how do i stop this?

Re: Summer is finally here

I know with the HEAT my beefsteak tomato plants are getting very big so are my Cucumbers my zuchini flowers open then shut do you know why this is??This is my first year doing zuchini Great pictures Good Crops!!

Re: Build an A-Frame Tomato Trellis

I have something similar to this but for cheaper for only $6.50 At Your Local Lowe's Store they have a big green trellis here yoy can weave your tomato plant throught the trellis this works better than tomato cages.Also at ACO Hardware or Wal-Mart In the back of the store by the shepard's hook's they have these big tall green stakes for only .98cents each but it is not as good as the trellis at lowes they should have them right by the cash registers hope this works!

Re: The (Tomato) Stakes Are High

My beefsteak tomatoe plants at first when i planted them the first week of May they looked bad. But Now They are very big thanks for the greaqt pictures and imformation!

Re: Yes, You Can Practice Crop Rotation


Do you have any tips My tomatoes are turning yellow on the sides what does this mean?

Re: All About Tomatoes


Watering your tomato plants in the morning and in the evining is too much water for your tomato plants.You Should Water them Just in the morning because in the evening wasps are attracted to the mud and you will have wasps in your garden also you should water your tomato plants every 3 days if your plants seem to get dry (depends what state you live in)If you have dry climates water it every 2 days.
Hope this tip Works for you...

Re: Video: Early Pruning of Tomato Plants

thankyou for the tips

Re: All About Tomatoes


I live in Southern Michigan and I planted my tomato plants at the beggining of May.I Checked on my beefsteak tomatos and my better boy tomato's and they look brown and yellow on the ends what does this mean?Yesterday they looked fine we have had some bad rain earlyier in the day but i dont think that would effect it any tips???
But my Topsy Turvy Plants are doing better than the ones in the ground