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Re: Tomatoes: Request for Reader Recommendations

I grew over 30 varieties of tomatoes last year in green houses and in my home garden.
My favourites were: Beefsteaks - Gold Medal
Big Rainbow
Golden Pineapple
Mr. Stripey
Beauty King

Cherries - SunGold (very prolific)
Isis Candy (tasty)

Medium size - Green Zebra - (acidic, but tasty)

I tried about 8 different varieties of blks - liked some, but wasn't wild about them. Didn't like Japanese Trifle. A couple of weird ones that were good were Berkley tie dye (very cool looking when sliced) and green sausage legs.
I canned, whole tomatoes, sauces, purrees, ketchups etc. Found the above mentioned beefsteaks made best of the above.