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Re: QUESTION: What kind of pepper plant is this?

It's a weed and I think it's a wild ageratum. I get them all the time in my pots and beds.

Re: QUESTION: Tropicals in Kentucky HELP!!

Dwynn19, I live in Geogia (7b) and usually bring my lemon, lime, and orange trees in pots into my garage after the first light frost. I have them on a roller type caddy and bring them in when it gets freezing and then roll them back outside when it warms. I tried leaving them indoors but found that they get mites and other critters and no matter how much light I gave them they always dropped their leaves. By keeping them in an unheated garage I found that they eventually will drop leaves but the insect population doesn't get out of hand. I also reduce watering. Once Spring comes and the weather arms I drag them outside again and begin watering, feritlizing and washing them down. They always rebound and produce fruit the following year. I have seen citrus trees in Florida nurseries during the winter in what appears to be bone dry 2 gal pots and they too lost their leaves. I believe that they need that period of dormancy during the Winter months.