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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I'm in Minnesota, about Zone 4a.

This year I grew 4 kinds of tomatoes, about 20 plants, most in pots, a few in the ground.

SUPER SWEET 100 -- great producer, not as sweet as I recall from years past. Oven dried hundreds of these

FOURTH OF JULY -- Good yield, tough skin, very firm fruit, Excellent oven-drier for intense tomato sauce

SUMMER'S CHOICE -- O.K. yield, slightly tough skin, but nice eater.

CHEROKEE PURPLE -- Terrible yield, lots of blossom-end rot. But the 3 or 4 good tomatoes I got were fantastic in a sandwich or on their own with salt and pepper.

(I tried BLACK KRIM last summer, and had similar results.)