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great extended summer

Just wanted to share (still too stupid to post pictures). We now have our summer (which was all rain in Northern Germany) and are running around sleeveless in late September. My sunflowers are...

Recycling Garden Two

I just read the article about growing potatoes in old jeans. I'll be giving that a try next year. I do another thing to "recycle". I plant my seedling in yoghurt tubs, rinsed out and  a hole cut...

QUESTION: need tomatillo help asap!

Hi everybody, here in Germany my tomatillos and tomatoes started out great cuz we had really hot weather in early summer and now it's been all rain for 4 weeks. so guess what? right, fungus! im...

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Re: Find the Perfect Tomato

This year I've bought Green Zebra, Idly, country taste and Black Krim seeds. Last year all my tomatoes went bad because of bad weather. I haven't seeded my new varities yet, today was tomatillo day but i will seed them next week and hope for nicer weather this year to get a crop.

Re: Recyled Raised Beds

I love it, looks like a professional nursery!I soooo wish I was a talented craftswoman. Comes in handy when you're a gardener as well. Greetings, Sanni

Re: Butternut Squash with Cheddar Cheese and Sage

made it yesterday and this was so good. Harriere, my this-year variety of butternut is rather small but made perfect sized squashes for this dish. My changes: using caraway thyme instead of sage and slow roasted tomatoes for filling. Also more cheese. I will definetively make this again, maybe varying filling and herbs. One of the best squah dishes I ever had!

Re: Heirloom Lovers Unite!

I wish I could have been there. Had I had the money I' d have been making all the way from Germany. I also like the school-garden movement, it's big here, too.

Re: A Second Round of Broccoli For Fall

I wonder if i can still start broccoli here in Northern Germany. It's not very warm this summer anyway, about 15° Celsius and very wet. I can't purchase already-grown plants so i'd have to start from seed. WOuld it make sense? I'm desperately looking for fall/ winter veges to cultivate...

Re: QUESTION: Peach Tree Woes

Hi there, i can't help with natural sprays,here are others more experienced than me, i think the most natural spray is not to spray just because but watch your plants and spray what's needed and stick to the manufacturers directions. If you don't want to do this you may try to strengthen your plant with organic fertilizers and make a soil test to determine what they need. And then live with sometimes losing a crop or plant. Do take care your peach has enough water now and pick excessive bugs by hand. Most times a big tree will recover from a spraying damage and you'll know better next year!
cheer up and greeting from a nearly-tomatoe killer (accidently) - they recoverd to be killed by fungi, nature takes over :-))) sanni

Re: QUESTION: Bitter lettuce

stupid me , wasn't watching the pic: in case you're using oak or walnut leaves or rind for mulching (or anything with naturally bitter tannins) they can spoil your crop, try another mulching material............

Re: QUESTION: Bitter lettuce

I don't know about the weather in your area but maybe the salad got stressed. In Germany we had high heat in early summer then 4 weeks rain and rather cold temps and now it's hot and wet. many plants got stressed and salad doesn't like high temps. it will go mature early and hence turn bitter. Especially a spring mix will do. Or maybe the soil was exeptionally dry? I have a row of iceberg where in the middle - a sandy spot - the plant didn't form heads but looks like shoe soles and is so tough you can use it as shoe soles...
maybe you can start your salad earlier next year - and remember that salad wants to fly --> don't plant to deep. hth, sanni

Re: QUESTION: What kind of Pepper plant is this?

PHytolacca americana, to my knowledge only used for dying fabric (or spoiling white t-shirts), poisionous and dispose immediately if there are children or pets around!