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Re: Recently Built 4 New Raised Beds for Vegetable Garden in our Backyard

Probably a 'duh' questions, but do you change the soil annually?

Re: Tools for Working the Soil

Wonderful tools for the heavy work! For the kneeling work, add to the list a "tool" recycled from the kitchen utility drawer - a wooden handled butcher knife. The blade has been worn short with use so it is perfect for digging weeds, cutting their roots, and having handy 'in case a monster appears in my Michigan garden'. The handle is comfortable and the blade can be easily sharpened. And, the bonus was RECYCLED. (It must be effective in scaring monsters away because I've never seen one).

Re: The Benefits of Growing Potatoes in Containers

Is there a problem with tires contaminating the soil? Or leaching bad stuff into the potatoes?