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Re: QUESTION: growing fruit tree organically

Spread ample amounts of cinnimon powder around the trunk to outside the drip line of the Peach trees to prevent leaf curl. :)

Re: The Road to Healthy, Productive Tomatoes

Spraying a light iodine solution 2% has been very effective for me. It seems to give the plants some immunity boost and keeps the leaves green and strong. I've used garden sulphur but it's not half as effective or as pleasant to work with as the iodine. :)

Re: Pest-Fighting Flowers

@Henandchicks There is a bunch of things you can do to repel slugs. I use broken eggshells around things like strawberries. Every time you have eggs, break up the shells and throw them in all around the plants you want to protect. Slugs hate the sharp edges. I also use pine needles after the Xmas trees dry out I throw them in as mulch and eventual compost. Salt works too but salt washes into the ground. If you happen to have copper wire around in abundance slugs will not cross a copper line or circle if you place it around the plant.