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Re: 3 Perennial Herbs for Spring Green in the Garden

Another great post by Jodi. Keep the good work up!

Re: Epcot Fresh

Woah, I regret not attending as well, although it was impossible for me to begin with :(

Re: Try This Edible Ornamental Basket

"something that is as edible as it's beautiful" ahaha, I like your engaging writing style.

Re: Indoor Gardening with Garlic Greens

I only grow decorative plants inside, don't know why I don't like to risk with actual veggies.

Re: How to Make Hot Pepper Sauce

Great for tasty dishes and self-defence spray, haha!

Re: Is Growing Ketchup ‘n’ Fries a Good Idea?

Woah, that's quite amazing. I've always been interested in hybrid plants. Hybrid fruits is a completely different story, though.

Re: Fast Growing Greens Ready to Eat

I've encountered a growing experiment with onions in a 10 litre plastic bottle which allowed them to grow, as the author said, "FOREVER!".

Re: Cardone is a Special Vegetable

@Thomascook342 I like how she always finds good topics to entertain us with.

Re: Pick a Vegetable Growing Resolution for 2016

My resolution for 2016 is to finally try growing potatoes in barrels. From what I've read I can get hundreds of pounds with a single plant. I'm actually quite excited. I'll get fat off the potato with mayo salad though :(

Re: Edible Gifts from the Vegetable Garden

Who got the hot peppers? :)

Re: Seedsheet’s Remarkable Growth

Looks gorgeous.

Re: Let’s Celebrate the International Year of Legumes

They have a holiday for legumes! Neat! You should make a post about every holiday related to plants! Would absolutely love to read it!

Re: Gardeners Dig Flower and Garden Shows

This reminds me of the flower pick up truck.

Re: Miracle Fruit Party Fools Taste Buds and Guests

I recently watched a video of SciShow and they were talking about that miracle fruit. It's kind of creepy what it does to you, but I am still going to try it one day! Living on the edge, you know?

Re: Make a Lucky Vegetable Gardening Amulet

Why haven't I started a business with these yet?

Re: Meet Botanical Illustrator Susan Rubin

Splendid art. Thank you for sharing it with us, Jodi!