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Re: QUESTION: What kind of Pepper plant is this?

lol...and in a more data specific light with less fear mongering...

pokeweed in its adult form is poisonous. but the young leaves and shoots (WHICH MUST BE BOILED THOROUGHLY AND RINSED BEFORE EATING, POUR OFF THE BOILING WATER INTO YOUR COMPOST, THE SOIL LOVES IT) have been eaten for THOUSANDS of years by the native, indigenous tribes safely and there is plenty of research out there upholding that this plant can cure some forms of cancer.
granted, if you only have a small garden space you may not want this one taking up your area or water...
but PLEASE STOP PASSING ALONG BUGUS INFO ABOUT PLANTS. destroying this is not necessary, nor is the dread of their presence...dig this one up and take it to some local field away from where young children would play...plant it there. it is an awesome plant for soil remediation and also birds and other wildlife DO eat it often in order to keep their systems free of parasites and diseases.
teach your children with knowledge...NOT with fear, it is the only way we will maintain a biodiverse planet for them to grow up and learn to steward instead of exploit.