Roasting Vegetables to Perfection

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Oven roasting can be completed in as little as 10 minutes in a preheated oven and can be done ahead of time. Then the vegetables can be brought back to room temperature or reheated. As long as you have an oven, even a small toaster oven, you can roast vegetables. If you’re lucky enough to own a convection oven, by all means, use that; it circulates heated air around the oven’s interior, creating perfect roasting conditions. Convection heat works well at all temperatures. With slow roasting, the warm moving air gently dehydrates the vegetables. At moderate temperatures, vegetables cook evenly for maximum flavor. And at high temperatures, convection intensifies the heat and rapidly cara­melizes or chars the vegetables.

Sliced just right
  Chef Carole Peck, of Good News Cafe in Woodbury, Connecticut, offers some of her favorite recipes...
Roasted Asparagus
• Roasted Cauliflower
• Slow-Roasted Tomatoes
Rapid-Roasted Tomatoes
Basic Cornbread
Sandwich of Cornbread, Goat Cheese, and Slow-Roasted Tomatoes 
You can roast all types and sizes of vegetables on a baking sheet or in a shallow pan, and you can vary tastes depending on the cooking temperature and added flavorings. But what do you do when you want to roast a couple of vegetables together at the same time? How do you coordinate the cooking time for each? The best way is by controlling the size of the vegetable. This applies to both whole vegetables and ones that need to be cut up.

When you’re roasting just one vegetable, choose pieces of similar size. For instance, when you go out to your asparagus bed to harvest the evening’s star attraction, choose asparagus spears of similar girth.

When you’re cooking a vegetable medley, you can keep checking periodically to see if any are done, removing them as you go along. But this can be troublesome. Instead, take the time to cut slower-cooking vegetables into smaller pieces than quick-cooking vegetables.

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